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CheckIt is a simple application, so you probably won't need much in the way of documentation.  Nonetheless, here it is.

Creating Notes and Checklists

Clicking on the New Checklist or New Note buttons will create the item at the top left corner of the screen.  You can click and drag it anywhere you like.  If you right-click or double click on the title (e.g. "New Note"), you can edit it or remove it entirely.  End the editing of the title by hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Adding checklist items to a Checklist is simple - just left-click on the background of the checklist.  Then, you can right-click or double click to edit the item, and hit return to stop editing.

Adding Pictures

Clicking on the Upload Image button lets you take a picture on your computer and use it in CheckIt.  Uploading the same picture more than once isn't a problem as we will automatically use the already uploaded picture.  You can move it and re-title it just like a note or checklist.

If you find an image around the we that you like, you can use the Add Web Picture to put it on your board.  Just grab the path to the image (usually by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Image Location").  Then paste this into the dialog.


CheckIt comes with three simple tools for drawing.  The color and line-weight dialog lets you choose what your lines will look like.  Then you can add a freehand or straight-line drawing to the image using the individual tools.  Straight-line drawing creates connected lines.  Click to choose your start point, then move the mouse to the next point and click again.  When you're done, double click to stop the tool.  Freehand drawing allows you to click and drag to create lines, just like drawing with a pen or marker.  You can create multiple freehand lines and double-click when you're done.


You can use the resize, delete, and send-to-back/bring-to-front tools to fine tune your board.  These tools create buttons you can use to do the job you want.  Just click (or for resize, click and drag) the button.

The clear screen button lets you start your page over again.


CheckIt has three ways to share your work.

  1. Save as html.  Clicking the Save as HTML button will create a static web page for others (and you) to view.  When the page is saved, you'll see a dialog you can use (just hit Control-C) to copy the link.  You can then use that to email to friends and colleagues, link to on another web page, or post to facebook, twitter, or other social networking tool.  Later, if you make changes, just hit save again and the link will have your new changes.  If you don't want to overwrite that picture, just copy the board using the Admin screen.
  2. The Admin screen lets you give other people access to your board.  See the Admin screen for details.
  3. You can make the board "Public" using the Admin dialog.

Administering to your boards and finding public boards

The Admin dialog consists of two tabs.  The My Boards tab lets you open, copy, create, rename, and delete the boards that you have either created, or have access to.  Double-clicking the title of the board lets you edit the name.  You can also make a board Public, Private (the default), or mark it as deleted.  If you want to share it only with another user, set the permission to Private.  Then, you can add the user (you just have to know their email address) and you can give them Read-Only or Edit permission for your board.  If you give them Edit permission, you can use the real-time collaboration feature of CheckIt.

The Public Boards tab allow you to find boards that other users have created and made public.  Type a search term into the text box, then hit the Search button.  You will get a list of public boards that pertain to your search term.  Note, if there are no boards in the list, then none matched your search term.  Selecting a board allows you to view the board as a read-only board, or copy it to make a board of your own, starting with that board.  If you select Copy, the board will be copied and you can open it by going to the My Boards tab and finding it at the bottom of the list.


Once you add another user to a board with Edit permission (see Admin above), you can work together in real-time.  CheckIt uses a first-edit wins method of determining the resulting page, so it's best to take turns modifying the board.  Nonetheless, if you make a change, your other users will see the change in just a couple of seconds and vice versa.


You can use the print button to send your board to a printer, pdf, or other virtual printer, provided you have the proper driver installed.  This generally produces a nicer output than using the browser's print button as CheckIt will adjust its output to the resulting paper size.

More Help

You can get more help by visiting our support forums ( or by email us at 

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